Inaugurated in Camaguey the Studio-Workshop of the artist Martha Jimenez

Camaguey- One of the most anticipated events among those planned to celebrate the 495th anniversary of the once Villa de Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe was the inauguration of the Studio-Workshop Marta Jimenez, a well-known artist here, located in Plaza del Carmen.

With the presence of Jaime Crombet, vice president of the National Assembly of People's Power; Juan Vela Valdes, Minister of Higher Education; Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City of Havana, among other personalities, opened the doors of the exhibition Our Lady of Voluptuousness, to continue in this new headquarters the project of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camaguey (OHCC), with the aim of supporting the development of the visual arts in the new generations, through the children's group Brush with soul of kiss.

Pavel Alejandro Barrios, curator of the exhibition, stated in his notes to the Catalog that Martha Petrona assumes the fattening of her mulattoes as a representation of a cultural logic concerning the generic characteristics of the Cuban female that describes the ideal of the native females. The sculptural set of this square, made by the artist herself, and the interaction between the community, are some of the reasons that augur the success of the neighborhood's workshop.

Julio Cesar Garcia, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and its first secretary here, and Jesus Garcia Collazo, president of the Government in the province, also were in this first day full of emotions and in which Martha Jimenez thanked their parents, and the neighbors, who have already helped her; thanked Jose Rodriguez, director of the OHCC; Eusebio Leal, and the political authorities of the territory.

"We have in the province of Camaguey an important part of the vanguard of visual artists in Cuba", said Martha, and added that the essential objective of the project lies in the formation of children, because she added: "I love children". Martha Petrona has over 60 collective and personal exhibitions in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Canada, Chile, Mexico, France and the United States. She deserved the UNESCO prize for the best set of works, in 1997, among other awards; while for her work of life she has been awarded with the distinctions Fidelio Ponce de Leon, for the National Culture and Pedagogical Merit.

Author: Olga Lilia Vilato
Source: Adelante Newspaper
Photo: Luis H. Alamo