Art of Martha Jiménez in the Dominican Republic

Camaguey- Local artist Martha Jimenez Perez, invited by the Foundation Cultural Center of the Dominican Republic, will exhibit her works at the Altos de Chavon Gallery, this April, along with two other painters, who also recreate landscapes, local folklore and Caribbean heritage.

Martha, a sculptress and ceramist, has exhibited her works in various cities and nations since 1967, among which are the exhibitions presented in Chile, El Salvador, France, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

The work of Martha Jimenez is characterized by large-scale monuments and small pieces of pottery, all with the central theme of Cuban women.

This artist has also been an instructor of fine arts for more than 30 years in the city of Camaguey, and has won numerous awards and recognitions, among them the UNESCO special prize in 1997, for her sculptural work and her dedication to artistic education.

Her life-size work of three women sitting in a circle, enjoying a cup of coffee, while talking and telling the "gossips" of the neighborhood, is located in the Plaza del Carmen, and is one of the sculptures that distinguish today the oldest urban center of the city of Camaguey, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Along with Martha Jimenez, will be exhibiting in the Dominican Republic, Esperanza Cortes, Colombian resident in the United States, painter whose works are centered in the theme of the heritage and the exploration of the physical, the cultural and the geographic.

Many of her frescoes contain images of her travels to Colombia, integrating the female figure and nature as a symbol of her personal reflections on domestic violence, race and religion.

Jean-Pierre Frey is the other of the artists that integrate this collective exhibition. He is a self-taught artist, very successful in his career until he stopped painting in 1990. His love of marine navigation took him to the Dominican Republic where he found the inspiration to return to canvases and brushes.

Currently, his work is inspired by the local landscape of the Dominican Republic. Its colors evoke the Caribbean Sea, with the variety of greens and blues.

Author: Miozotis Fabelo Pinares
Source: Radio Rebelde