The pilgrims of Martha Petrona Jimenez: tribute to a writer from Camaguey

Camaguey - The artist Martha Petrona Jimenez, Unesco Prize for the Best Architectural Ensemble, paid homage to the poetess Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, on the 203th anniversary of her birth, with an exhibition of prints and colographies, shown at the Nicolas Guillen Gallery, at the headquarters of the newspaper Adelante.

With the title The Pilgrims of Martha, it is alluded to the pseudonym of La Peregrina, used by the poetess and playwright based in Spain, one of the reasons why part of the literary criticism tried to deny her Cubanism, a condition vindicated with extensive research in the the last decades.

Martha Jimenez, through her artistic career, has been confirmed as the legitimate heir of La Avellaneda, with her antipatriarchal discourse, from different supports and techniques of the visual arts. This time she honors La Avellaneda, who was born on March 23, 1814, in then Puerto Principe, now Camaguey.

"These sensual women, with sweet and daring postures and expressions, could also be this type of woman who tried to defend Tula in her work," said curator Juan Carlos Mejias Ruiz.

"This homage is also extended to those women who, in essence, have defended their right to fight for what they want, and have bequeathed in their space and time an artistic universe that has become heritage of Cuba and humanity", said the specialist.

Author: Lazaro Najarro Pujol
Source: Camaguebax Blog
Published: Thursday, 30 Mar, 2017