Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez invited to collective exhibition "A tremendous animal II"

Camaguey- The artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez was invited to take part in the collective exhibition "A tremendous animal II", inaugurated in the Julian Morales Gallery, located at the UNEAC headquarters in Camaguey.

"The work of Martha Jimenez, self-referential and with a generic and identitary complement, flirts with the domestic and socially active view of women, while identifying with seductive, sensual and erotic women," said the curator and critic of art Pavel Alejandro Barrios Sosa, in his words to the catalog.

To that magical and complicated being, fragile as a Venus without arms and at the same time with the incredible force to transcend ages, is dedicated the project "A tremendous animal II".

"In order to approach a subject so dense, complex and delicate I find no other curatorial resource more successful than interdisciplinarity. To the particularities of the speeches of eight local artists of the fine arts, I add, as a complement, several poetic texts that lead groups of works or they marry with them in individual way. The incidental music and some sequences of Cuban cinema try to complete a plural vision", added Barrios Sosa.

Also with Martha Petrona; Caridad Hernandez Carlos, Jenny Hernandez Carbo, Osvaldo Rodriguez Petit, Oscar Rodriguez Lasseria, Eduardo Castillo Saez, Gregorio Perez Escobar and Leonardo Barrios Omar,  took part in this collective exhibition.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Pavel Alejandro Barrios Sosa
Published: Friday, 10 Mar, 2017