Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez was invited to a collective exhibition of female potters

Camaguey- The artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez was invited to participate in the collective exhibition of female ceramists, entitled Ceramic is a woman's name?, opened to the public this March 8th in the Midas Gallery, of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA), in Camaguey. There can be appreciated the artworks "Twins", "Hope" and of the series "The Dinner" and "Tribute to the stool".

Ana Elia Gutierrez Fernandez, Sandra Navarro Valdes, Belkis Alvarez Leon, Annia Rosa Perez Olivera and Albertina Maria Cortada Malfa also participated in the exhibition.

"Pottery has a large development in this city, many people have participated in the development of this manifestation, most of them are men. However, it is quite difficult to talk about the ceramics of Camaguey without taking into account the presence of women. They have played an essential role and their protagonism has become greater, as well as their dynamism and significance in this city context. In that sense, six women ceramists have gathered, not only to celebrate International Women's Day, but also to celebrate their artistic endeavors", said curator, Yoelxy Pilliner Lopez, in his words to the catalog.

"Morphologically the word ceramic is feminine, as well as the artistic language of these women. Each one, in its own way, creates her space, asserts the name of women in the artistic ceramics of this city; in addition, they give rise to reflections and new concerns, without limiting to submissively examine, about the importance and role of women in a male-dominated manifestation", he added.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Friday, 10 Mar, 2017