Impact of the new personal exhibition in Havana by Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez

Camaguey- A broad impact on the media and specialized criticism has had the most recent exhibition of the artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez, entitled "In the name of the goats", and opened to the public in the "Carmen Montilla" Gallery, Havana. This sample will remain until January 27 of this year.

A large audience attended the meeting; this proposal was well received by the media, specialized critics and embassy personnel that were present. The diplomatic corps was composed of representations of five embassies: United States, Germany, Spain, Peru and Venezuela.

The radio station Habana Radio reflected this cultural fact with an interview to the author in the "Revista Cultural Paradiso". Habana TV also approached this exhibition, with the program "Luces y Sombras", where Jimenez Perez was interviewed. A wide audience was able to appreciate the declarations that the artist offered in the televising program "Mediodia en TV", of the Cuban Television.

On the other hand, the Habana Channel reflected the inauguration of the exhibition and shared with Martha Petrona. Meanwhile, Elsa Pelegrin Morales, of the Cuban News Agency (ACN) interviewed the creative about her recent artistic endeavor. It is also worth mentioning the works published by Prensa Latina and Opus Habana Magazine.

The words of welcome of the exposition were in charge of the director of the Gallery "Carmen Montilla", Norma Jimenez; and the expo was presented by curator Maydelin Leiva. In addition, the director of the National Museum of Ceramics, Alejandro Alonso, who asserted the sample. Finally, Martha Petrona shared her impressions with those present, who thanked the promotion strategies that were developed.

The exhibition "In the name of the goats" presents a sui generis proposal on the symbolism of the goat. With the intention of showing the new visuality, Martha Jimenez moves herself between all the means and supports of the visual arts. These have been worked by her throughout her 50 years of artistic life: painting, sculpture (ceramics and bronze) and engraving. This was reported by specialist Maydelin Leiva.

This show comes to interact with the creative dynamics that have elevated the work of Jimenez Perez. It is inserted as an exercise of promotion and extension of the work of this artificer, towards a higher generating plane. The artist takes as a pretext the goat to enunciate human and social values, as this is an animal that normally stays in groups and develops affective feelings.

In this sense, the author expresses through these works scenes where the propitious space is perceived to validate the honesty, the love, the sacrifice, the camaraderie and the loyalty, according to the expert Yaniel Perez Guerra.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Friday, 20 Jan, 2017