The artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez motivates expectations in the Cuban capital

Havana - The outstanding artist Martha Jimenez, resident in Camaguey, motivates expectations in the Cuban capital with a exhibition of painting and pottery that suggests female power and inner freedom through a mythological animal: the goat.

"In the name of the goats", inaugurated in the Carmen Montilla gallery, at the historical center of Havana, includes canvases, cards, and ceramic sculptures in diverse formats that reflect an unusual discursive style of the creative.

According to curator and researcher Maydelin Leiva, the search for an expressive passion has resulted in a sui generis aesthetic, full of drama and unusual visuality.

The looks of their goats become alive as soon as the exercise of reception begins. They provoke, summon, contemplate, snoop, shut up, and bestow; they witness what women can experience as long as they are able to choose their own path, says the specialist.

Jimenez seeks to investigate not only in the drama of life and human nature but also in female limitations and greatness, in what it means to be female.

Ceramist, painter, sculptress and engraver, Martha Jimenez (Holguin, 1948) has more than 250 exhibitions, both collective and personal. Prize of the UNESCO, she has won numerous awards, both inside and outside the Island.

Author of the Sculpture Ensemble at Plaza del Carmen, in the eastern city of Camaguey (where she lives), she currently develops four monumental sculpture projects in Cuba.

Her latest personal exhibition, "In the name of the Goats", will remain on display in the Carmen Montilla gallery until next January 27.

Source: Prensa Latina
Published: Friday, 13 Jan, 2017