Artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez shared experiences with the wife of US Vice President

Camaguey- Dr. Jill Biden, wife of US Vice President Joseph Biden, his daughter and niece, Ms. Catherine Russell, US Ambassador for Global Women's Issues, the Ambassador of the United States in Cuba and his wife, visited the Studio-Workshop of Martha Petrona, last October 8.

After a tour of the authentic Plaza del Carmen (declared World Heritage by UNESCO), accompanied by the artist Martha Jimenez and Jose Rodriguez, historian of the city, the academic Jill, accompanied by her delegation, visited the nearby studio.

"Like you, I defend the freedom of women," told the Cuban creative to the educator and wife of Vice President. "The Gossips", the seller of newspaper and other characters of the community are represented in full-scale statues by Jimenez in that plaza in Camaguey. Biden sat on a "stool of desires" and asked for one", as published the magazine oncubamagazine.com

In a warm exchange between the artist and Biden, was present the admiration of the second lady of the United States for the art of Jimenez and her themes on women. So, Martha expressed her appreciation and the honor of receiving them. Jimenez gave a gift to Biden, an original work on canvas, entitled "Santa Maria", made in mixed media, allegorical to the city of Camaguey, with a female character. For her part, Biden gave Martha a work in glass by local artist Deb Appleby.

Meanwhile, Catherine Russell acquired a work from Jimenez entitled "La Fiesta", a colography of large size. She also was able to exchange views and express their affectionate admiration for such a creative art and its importance for women and for the world. It was an unforgettable evening and a warm meeting between women from neighboring countries.

Author: Communicator
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Thursday, 13 Oct, 2016