American academic Jill Biden visited the Studio-workshop of Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez

Camaguey- The north american university professor and doctor of pedagogical sciences, Jill Biden, concluded on Sunday, with a visit to this city, her permanence in the country. At the Museum Quinta Simoni, declared National Monument, the academic met with women in charge of community projects and health.

During her tour, she also visited the headquarters of the Ballet of Camagüey, the Studio-workshop of the artist Martha Jimenez, UNESCO Award, and toured sites of interest in the historical center of the city, declared as World Heritage Site.

The Studio-workshop of Martha Petrona Jimenez is located in the Plaza del Carmen, that emerged in the early decades of the nineteenth century. This square is now an important architectural ensemble of the emporium, founded in 1514 by the Spanish, which is an important reservoir of traditional folk culture.

Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez is a prominent ceramist and painter based in Camagüey. Her art works are in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Argentina, Turkey, France, Canada and Cuba.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Radio Rebelde and Website from Martha Jimenez Perez
Published: Tuesday, 11 Oct, 2016