Project Brush with Kiss' Soul: an approach of the community to the Visual Arts

Camaguey- The Project Brush with Kiss' Soul, sponsored by the artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez in the city of Camaguey, constitutes an attractive option of artistic development for the children that want to approach to the wide world of Visual Arts. It takes place every Saturday morning.

This Saturday, the Studio-Workshop of the famous Cuban ceramist, located in the vicinity of the Plaza del Carmen hosted one of these interesting encounters, during which community's children received lessons about working with tempera, in an artistic creation with free theme.

During the course of the meeting, infants were comfortable and very motivated in front of the mysteries of the visual arts, and also for being able to capture on paper their impressions, under the care of the MsC. Tania Estrada, that belongs to the Studio-Workshop.

The Project Brush with Kiss' Soul explains that "there is a latent need for arts education in the Community and children are the students where can be forged and cultivated the creative and artistic work, achieving the rescue of traditions, the love for country and the defense of the traditions and identity, that help the formation of values and cultural awareness of children".

It also explains that "the project is achieved by measuring the dynamic process-product and appreciate how children -while creating art- develop self-confidence, artistic skills, and consolidate a great environmental and social conscience.

Author: Roger Rodríguez Martín
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Monday, 12 Sep, 2016