Martha Petrona Jimenez gives life to new work of the Gossipy series

Camaguey- A new sculpture has emerged from the hands of the creative and ceramist Martha Petrona Jimenez, resident in Camaguey and with a diverse career. The work was taken to the bronze in the lost wax technique at the prestigious Studio and Bronze Foundry Art and Sculpture Unlimited, in Miami, United States. Currently the piece has been exhibited at the Studio-workshop of the artist, located in Plaza del Carmen.

The work is part of the popular series called "Gossipy". This is the most renowned serie of the artist, wich "mixes contemporary codes, with regional and social customs concepts, and, on a larger scale, universal. They are thick women, very graceful, with a sense of humor, which reaches the sensuality and sarcasm", according to references in the website of the ceramist.

Among the works of Martha Petrona Jimenez in public spaces Camaguey are the Sculptoric Set "Plaza del Carmen" (2003); the mural "Ascension", located in the Longitudinal Park (2004); works in the School Martha Abreu (2004) and the shop La Palma (2014); a triptych of sculptures in the Café Ciudad (2012); the sculpture "Woman" at El Marques hostel (2014); the "Santa Maria" sculpture, located in the hostel of the same name (2014); and "Watcher" sculpture at the Hotel Santa Maria (2014).

Abroad, are remarkable the sculptures "Genet" and "Fourth part of the human body", located in the Ecological Park, in Eskisehir, Turkey (2008) and the sculpture "Challenge" created in the 6th National Art Workshop in that city ( 2015).

Works by this artist are also in the collection of the Museum of the Mayor of Madison (USA), the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada), the Museum of Arts and Craft in Paris (France), Anadolu University and public squares of the city of Eskisehir (Turkey), in the Visual Arts Centre QUAD Derby (England) and the Center for the Study of Cuban Art in New York (United States).

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez

Published: Tuesday, 5 Apr, 2016