Martha Petrona Jimenez's Harlequins present in Day for the Elimination of Violence

Camaguey- To mark the international celebration of the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, was celebrated a concert organized by the "Mundo A" Project, event where was present also the artistic work of the ceramist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez, who owns her studio-workshop in the vicinity of the Plaza del Carmen in the capital city of the province.

This artistic and pedagogical proposal of the University of the Arts in Camaguey promotes a change from the various manifestations of art, to patriarchal traditions inherited by Cuban society, to contribute to the education of new generations in models of equity, diversity and respect. This day dedicated especially to girls and women was a gift from artists now integrated in the project "Mundo A".

The concert was staged by the group "In Tempore", directed by Henry Hernandez, and took place in the Plaza del Carmen in Camaguey city. It was attended by leading figures and was the occasion to inaugurate a exhibition of the prominent sculptor and painter Martha Jimenez, who exhibited works of Harlequins, ten large watercolors series where the female figure stands as a visual motif that seduces the viewer into his mystical journey through the inner world of the creator.

Jimenez Perez has taught for more than 30 years. She has also tutored students who have entered the Superior Institute of Art (ISA). She has served as Head of Project Sculpture Monumental Plaza del Carmen. She has been a member of the Expert Council of Plastic Arts of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts, also was founder of the Association Hermanos Saiz (AHS).

Author: Communicator
Source: Martha Jimenez Perez
Published: Monday, 28 Mar, 2016