Outstanding works of ceramist Marta Petrona Jimenez Perez are exhibited in Turkey

Camaguey- Recently, the Cuban ceramist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez, who lives in Camaguey, concluded a monumental sculpture currently shown in the Turkish city of Eskisehir. This work was done at the request of the Mayor's Office that European city and is located in a relevant place of that demarcation.

In addition, Martha took part in the sixth National Art Workshop, which ended with the execution of the painting "Spring Series" which was shown to the Turkish public with great acceptance.

During 2015, this artist also served as moderator of the panel "Art, and political participation" in the 2015 LASA Congress, and she took part in the exhibition "KUBA", in the Foundation ABF Václavské Náméstí, in Prague, Czech Republic.

In December of the same year, Martha Jimenez presented the sculpture "Open Roads" at the Aqua Art Miami Fair in Miami, United States. The event took place at the Art Center Allapattah, from 2 to 6 December 2015.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Portal Cultural Principe

Published: Tuesday, 22 May, 2015