Martha Petrona Jimenez represented Camaguey in the Aqua Art Miami Fair

Camaguey- With the bronze sculpture "Open Roads", the ceramist Martha Petrona Jimenez represented Camaguey and the Cuban nation in the Aqua Art Miami Fair, held at the Art Center Allapattah from 2 to 6 December 2015.

Aqua Art Miami arrived to its eleventh edition, the third since it joined the family fair of Art Miami. As one of the biggest exhibitions of emerging art, Aqua Art Miami introduced several galleries with their artists. This event showed a selection of only 46 national and international exhibitors, who presented the work of more than 100 creators.

Art Center was founded in the heart of the town Allapattah, located in the city of Miami. It is dedicated to promote art in the area, with programs created specifically for this purpose, to have a positive impact on the community. This cultural institution offers a multifunctional space, which has been customized to cater to artists, sculptors and other creative talents. The center offers various services such as art gallery, local for photographic sessions and welding shops for creating metal sculptures.

Meanwhile, Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez is a renowned Cuban ceramist, resident in Camaguey, which has works in nations like the United States, England, Austria, Argentina, Turkey, France, Canada and in various institutions and public spaces in Cuba. 

Recently, she won the Award for Monumental Sculpture at the 5th Sculpture Symposium in Eskisehir, Turkey (2011); she deserved the recognition 50 Anniversary of the School of Art Instructors, awarded by the UNEAC, Camaguey (2011); also, the Fifteenth Anniversary Commemorative Medal, for the work, cooperation and contributions provided in the preservation and enrichment of historic and cultural heritage in Camaguey.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Portal Cultural Principe

Published: Friday, 28 Dec, 2015