Cafe Ciudad in Camaguey embellished with artworks of Martha Jimenez

Camaguey- Works of the artist Martha Jimenez, UNESCO Award for Best Ensemble Sculptural, complement the decor of one of the main tourist facilities of this city, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Cafe Ciudad.

This time, the creative surprises the visitors with three glazed ceramics, each one placed on a swing metal, which are part of the appeal of this place, reserved for the privacy of coffee tasting, combined with a colorful vegetation and other elements of ambience.

The author of the famous sculptures of the Plaza del Carmen, located in one of the best preserved ancient segments of this city, located about 570 kilometers east of Havana, is included among the most visited sites in the "region of shepherds and hats", as said Cuba's National. Poet Nicolas Guillen.

Now, the triptych of Jimenez has the coffee and tea as central theme, which invites to the meeting and provides pleasure. In addition, it refers to the festivities of Bacchus, conceived to highlight the purpose of La Cava, another place in the same cafeteria.

The three characters (The Bacchus and the two harlequin women) are accompanied by elements of everyday life and related accessories of the enjoying ritual of drinking, with an artistic achievement that integrates and respects the codes of the architectural design of that building in the historical center.

Luxurious patio, intimate space to meet with a steaming cup, with exquisite wine and the artistic work of Martha Jimenez, which enhances the simplicity and style of a time and a city denied to forget its culture.

Martha Jimenez won the Distinction for National Culture, and the prize awarded in 1997 by an agency of the United Nations Organization, UNESCO.

She was also honored at the International Handicrafts Fair of Havana, and the Biennial of Contemporary Art in China.

Author: Lázaro David Najarro Pujol
Source: Prensa Latina

Published: Monday, 07 Jul, 2014