Marta Jimenez sculptures add beauty to hotel in Camaguey

Camague- Monumental sculptures of the Cuban artist Martha Jimenez, UNESCO Prize for the best architectural set, complement the ambience of the lobby and the dome of the Santa Maria hotel, located in the segment of the historic center of the city of Camaguey, declared Cultural Heritage Humanity.

With the name of the hostel, located in a mansion with architectural value, whose first construction phase was completed in the context of the festivities for the half millennium of the town of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, it is a work that fascinates the visitors.

It is the sculpture of the Santa Maria (1,38 x 0, 90), which from its niche, seems to observe a city of half a century awakening to be admired, which will soon be cast in bronze, as reported to the creative.

Also from the dome, another project of the same artist dominates the city: Translating (2,52 x 1,070), an eavesdropper that scrutinizes every piece of city that is drawed at its feet, in the words of Martha Jimenez.

Also in the hotel "El Marques" a collection of works of six pieces of characters related with beautiful old ladies (when it was built the building, in 1920), which await the guest wishing a memorable stay, from the entrance of the room.

With these and other projects, Martha Jimenez contributed to the setting of two new hotels for tourism city, that have the privilege of showing unique pieces that are already part of the heritage of Camaguey.

Author: Lazaro David Najarro Pujol
Source: Prensa Latina
Published: Friday, 14 Feb, 2014