In Camaguey: view of women by artist Martha Jimenez

Camaguey- An universal vision of the woman reflects the artist Martha Jimenez in the sculptoric project “Eva's speech. Them, we, you?” available to tu public en the Midas Gallery, located in this Cuban city.

Winner of the UNESCO Prize for the best architectural ensemble for the authenticity of his work, Jimenez told Prensa Latina that the Cuban, Latin American and universal women are protagonists and are always present in her artistic work.

This time, there are 25 ceramic pieces of human figures in small format. Of these, there are seven plates with paintings, where, as said curator Maydelin Leiva, in her traditional conception women carries symbols that have historically defined her and can be seen in Camaguey, located 570 kilometers east of Havana.

She explained that Martha -First prize of the Fifth International Symposium of Terracotta, in the city of Eskisehir, Turkey- has created several series during her career that have earned her a space of recognition beyond the limits of the island.

The specialist said, that the sculptress in her exhibition "shows that expressive searching, even persistent in the intention of the artist, opening new semiotic speechs of interpretations or redefinition, as appropriate".

In the exhibition "Eva's speech. Them, we, you? " Jimenez is inspired by "the broad polysemy that presents each one of these symbols" and always "the choice is intended to refer feelings and traits with the particular definition of the feminine and those associated with it".

She abounded that in those feminine physiognomies in the work of Jimenez are fertility, sensuality, acceptance, sacrifice, patience, perseverance, liberation and eroticism.

In this new incursion, the creative advantageously used enamel, which is accentuated in each of the elements of the human figures, as "the judicious management of lights and shadows of the sculptures".

Maydelín Leiva considered that the artist has become master of volume, not only from a conceptual point of view, but mainly from the domain of a technique that she has managed to legitimize in various media and artistic languages.

Author: Lazaro David Najarro Pujol
Source: Prensa Latina
Published: Monday, 13 Jan, 2014