Martha Jimenez and her exposition Woman Without Neighbour in Camaguey

Camaguey- The artist Martha Jimenez -member of the artistic vanguard and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba- will allow the opportunity to enter another facet of her creation, by opening her exhibition of serigraphs titled "Woman without Neighbour".

The Gallery "The New Muse" of the Provincial Library Julio Antonio Mella, will host 13 works conceived with that technique, another aspect of creation in the fruitful career of the artist, honored with the Prize awarded by UNESCO in the corresponding edition of year 1997.

Without abandoning her usual treatment of themes and characters of deep popular roots, the proposal is akin to forms of classic cut, which represents another attractive variant of her production.

It will be the first time that Jimenez disposes her serigraphs for consideration by the Cuban public, already appreciated in the fifth edition of the International Symposium on Terracotta, held in Turkey during last year. There she was renowned for the quality of her proposal with the prize awarded by the jury of the event.

She is graduated as Art Instructor in the specialty of Fine Arts in the late 60s of last century. She has a fertile endorsement as a teacher at different levels of art education in the territory. Martha was founder of Fidelio Ponce de León Group, composed of fans in the territory. She also founded a workshop to teach children from the community, where its headquarters lies in the vicinity of the Plaza del Carmen, Camaguey.

She shared this work with the creation of pottery, paintings and large sculptures, located at several sites in the capital city. Her works are part of collections and private collections in different parts of the world.

The opening of the exhibition "Woman without Neighbor" integrates the actions that take place in the territory of Camaguey, at the arrival of the Day of Cuban Culture.

Author: Yolanda Ferrera Sosa
Source: Portal Cultural Príncipe
Published: Thursday, 17 Oct, 2013