Reinforcing of cultural links between Camaguey and English city of Derby

Camaguey- Martha Jimenez, renowned artist in the Cuban and foreign area, was recently invited to the celebration of International Women's Day in the city of Derby, England.

This British city and the city of Camaguey maintain cordial relations since 2003. Mayors of both towns have exchanged visits; meanwhile, they have created educational projects and links of friendship during that time.

Among the actions of that day, Martha planted the tree of the city with the mayor of Derby. She made an interesting discussion with women and local students and showed an audiovisual documentary film of her artwork. Between meetings, she could learn the activities carried out there, such as "The History of Women's Month" organized by Vox Feminarum.

From the fruitful encounter and the impact of the artistic work, were initiated public art projects in the aforementioned English city, which had a sculptress Martha Jimenez as principal, and the first steps were taken in hiring them.

Martha Jimenez's work is mostly about women in society. She has a sculpture in the Plaza del Carmen in the city of Camaguey and she has a very extensive work, ranging from small to monumental formats. She has worked in sculpture, painting, prints, ceramics, murals, among others.

Author: Communicator
Source: Provincial Council of Plastic Arts of Camaguey

Published: Monday, 25 Mar, 2013