Taken to bronze sculptures in the Plaza del Carmen in Camaguey

Camaguey- One of the segments of the sculptural group of the Plaza del Carmen was transferred to bronze, at the starting of a plan to convert to this material all components of the series, located in the area declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity in this city.

Originally made in terracotta by the artist Martha Jimenez Perez, born in Holguin but now resident in Camaguey, the group of works is distributed without pedestal, at various points of that space, whose dominant building is the Iglesia del Carmen, only with two towers in the city and completed in 1825.

The site is located on the first section benefited from transfers, "The Gossips", composed of images of three seated women and an empty stool intended for use by visitors, in one of the samples of the participatory character conceived for this ornament.

The bronze process, in a progressive form, was conducted by the Caguayo Foundation in Santiago de Cuba.

Currently is in phase of casting the piece that recreates a wheelbarrow overflowing jugs and conducted by Mata'o, nickname of a deceased neighbor, near the square, one of the best places that preserves the architectural environment of the colonial era in Camaguey.

The series includes other elements, with allusions to people, as well as benches and planters.

Traditionalists facets of the local environment identify the characters of the sculpture, which adds a new contemporary appeal to one of the top five places in the oldest part of the town.

Among the pieces that attracted the most attention to the visitor is a newspaper reader, also resident of the area.

According to José Olmedo, representative of the foundry of the organization, the work will conclude in February 2, 2014, in the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city.

He added that, also dedicated to the anniversary, the workshop will moved to that material a sculpture, never displayed publicly, of the poetess Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, which will be located in the square where converge the street that takes her name and the one called General Gomez.

Author: Adolfo Silva Silva
Source: National Information Agency
Photo: Primicia Newspaper
Published: Monday, 01 Oct, 2012