Artist Martha Jimenez shows her work in the United States

Camaguey- The gallery Gran Cafe, in the city of Newark, United States, will be inaugurated with an exhibition of original works by the artist Martha Jimenez Perez, who recently completed her fourth visit to the northern country.

As planned, the facility will open at the end of the current month or in early July, told to AIN Jimenez, born in Holguin, based in the capital of Camaguey, and who seals her creative career with elements such as cuban traditions and manners.

The last trip of the author to US territory included participation in the preparation of the exhibition, close to New York, Newark, and the second most populous town of the state of New Jersey.

The interlocutor said that the exhibition will consist of ten pieces (engravings, serigraphs and colographies), with dimensions of 90 by 60 centimeters, where the female image and the reality is combined with fantasy in a surreal atmosphere.

In the visit, the artist made in Miami a counseling during three days, in a public elementary school, where she instructed a group of students in performing paintings with scenes from medieval times, as part of the teaching process.

Martha Jimenez showed before -in US territory- her creations in New York and Boston, and also she traveled to the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Canada, France and Turkey.

Her awards include a prize at the International Handicrafts Fair of Havana by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and some conferred on competitions in China and Turkey, where there are three sculptures emplaced permanently.

Initially known for her career in ceramics, the artist also stands out for its work in painting, engraving and other expressions of fine arts.

Author: Adolfo Silva Silva
Source: National Information Agency
Published: Wednesday, 06 Jun, 2012