Ceramist Martha Jimenez participates in International Symposium on Terracotta

Camaguey- The renowned ceramist Martha Jimenez Perez represents Cuba at the 5th International Symposium on Terracotta, which takes place in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Perez Jimenez received the Distinction Fidelio Ponce de León in 2008, recognition granted in the context of Salon of Visual Arts, for the work of her life. She has also received other international awards; and due to the maturity of her work, she was invited to exhibit her artworks abroad.

The City Council of the city of Eskisehir, in Turkey, celebrates the 5th International Symposium on Terracotta, from 16 September to 2 October, 2011. The event involved five foreign artists: Achim Kühn, form Germany; Dorit Bereach, from Germany; Martha Jimenez, from Cuba; Kim Yong, from Korea and Peter Randall, from England, with 10 Turkish artists.

This symposium is coordinated by the Municipality of Eskisehir City. During the event, there are developed scientific meetings, craft exhibitions, artistic performances, competitions, concerts and fairs of traditional art. The guest artists will have the opportunity to develop and place sculptures in different parts of the city.

Author: Eduardo Rosales Ruiz
Source: Provincial Council of Fine Arts of Camaguey
Published: Tuesday, 20 Sep, 2011