The perception of risk: proposal in Havana by Martha Jimenez

Havana- As part of the proposals of the Ceramic Biennial, the personal exhibition "Riesgo", by Martha Jimenez, is exhibited at the Hispano-American Cultural Center, in the Loynaz Room.

The curator of the exhibition, Yaniel Perez, told Habana Cultural that the artist received the Ceramic Biennial Prize in 2016, and one of the requirements of that award was a Creation Scholarship, consisting of a personal exhibition in the next edition. "Riesgo" presents the same theme and technique as in 2016. It is an installation project of ceramics and metal where risks, challenges and balance are manifested as fundamental elements of human existence, he said.

Riesgo", by Martha Jimenez, involves the viewer in a tense environment with its dynamic and complex postures, and the need to see life as a controversial spectacle in which everyone plays a specific role. The exhibition deals with the theme of the circus and all the characters are women in different positions and situations, which are not only associated with that circus life but also with the Cuban and Latin American context.

During the meeting, was delivered the book
"The difficult thing to be female", by Martha Jimenez, to the Art Gallery "Carmen Montilla", the National Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Contemporary Ceramics. In the volume is shown the most representative work of the outstanding painter, sculptress and ceramist, Unesco Prize since 1997.

Yaniel Perez, curator of the exhibition, said that the book includes several personalities of Cuban culture such as Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City of Havana; and Miguel Barnet, President of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and the Fernando Ortiz Foundation.

Equilibrist (Prize of the Biennial of Ceramic Sculptures, Installations and Projects, Havana, 2016), Equilibrist II, Equilibrist III, Sacrifice and No/Title of the series "The Circus", among others, are some of Martha Jimenez's pieces that delight the public in the Hispano-American Culture Center.

he prestigious artist told Habana Cultural that the theme of the circus with its challenges and risks is recurrent in her creations, especially to exalt the Caribbean woman, since she is interested in showing how they are masters of her own life.

Author: Evelyn Fernandez
Source: http://habanacultural.ohc.cu/?p=28340

Published: Thursday, 20 Dec, 2018