Artist Martha Jimenez speaks out in favor of women's rights

Camaguey- In favor of women's rights, the artist Martha Jimenez was pronounced, she had a special participation in the program Enfoques, conducted by Lourdes Mazorra and directed by Mayra Gonzalez Arostegui, from Television Camaguey. 

November 25 was designated as the international day dedicated to nonviolence towards women and girls; about this relevant topic, there was discussed in the aforementioned television space.

Martha referred to her participation at LASA (Latin American Studies Association), event on the topic of gender defense. She expressed that "the issue of the defense of women is getting stronger every time". The artist valued the event positively, with respect to the participation of the countries and the academic work of this recent edition.

"Respect for women must be very important because they are the procreation of life (...) In LASA, much was advocated, that women must defend themselves in society (...) Many work has been done since the First Gender Meeting, which was very interesting, and has linked the children's project Brush with soul of kiss, that belongs to Martha Jimenez's Studio-Workshop, with these actions deployed in favor of women and their rights.

Martha also explained in the program about her participation in the collective exhibition "Mystery as Muse", held in the United States: "It is an exhibition where participated eight or nine artists from different countries, in the Agora Gallery, at downtown Manhattan, a very recognized gallery in New York".

"For me it has been a very interesting experience, with a very big professionalism, a very nice experience. The exhibition was very well accepted (...) I was participating there in representation of Cuba". Martha took part in the exhibition with three canvases and three bronze sculptures.

In context of this date dedicated to women, the members of the project Brush with soul of kiss, which is part of Martha-Jimenez's Studio-Workshop, made art works at the headquarters of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in Camaguey. For the 10th of December, is projected the opening of a collective exhibition in the aforementioned cultural institution, where the artistic creation of these infants will be shown.

December 10, declared as International Human Rights Day, culminates this time dedicated to activism in favor of women, developed from Camaguey.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Saturday, 1 Dec, 2018