Martha Jimenez: Artistic creation is a beautiful act

Camaguey- Under the question "Can creativity be defined?" The artist Martha Jimenez was interviewed in Punto de Giro program, a Television Camaguey space, where thought is the protagonist and the interaction between the guests is always genuine.

"The artistic creation is a beautiful act, a sublime act, where the person, the man, the artist composes, creates, something that can be real or surreal, based on that experience of his work, his artwork (...) I believe that the artist must work every day, and the artist has that, that you work and you have to inhibit yourself. That system that exists between the soul, the brain and the hands. And that you pose in your brain, that you imagine, and you take it to the paper, to the fabric, to the support that you take it. And then you have to be convinced that you are doing something that fills you up. And what compliments you (...) if there is criteria or not, it is afterwards the result that you see and the acceptance that you have", said the artist Martha Jimenez. 

Adds this creative that "the artist himself is the one who has to feel firm, of how he feels fulfilled with the work. Art modifies the soul. I say that since childhood. I hope that children work art from early ages, not only the visual arts, but the music, the theater. It is something wonderful. Here come old people and young people come, so the good thing is that I see them smiles, they feel very good. It is good that human beings participate in artistic work".

Creativity is defined as the process of giving birth to something new and useful at the same time, said the journalist and host Maria del Carmen Fuentes, who interviewed, among other people, the curator, gallerist and art critic Yaniel Perez Guerra, who belongs to the work team of Martha Jimenez's Studio-Workshop.

With absolute lack of creativity there is no one, because creativity is an inherent element of all human beings. Creativity is present in each of the social and personal functions of our existence.

"Creativity should be encouraged from an early age, especially in people who have to develop a certain social function (...) For my work, I have a professional need to create. (...) All people have some creativity, although there are some who are more creative than others", said Yaniel Perez Guerra. 

Artistic creation is often made of the same emotion, of the same need that the artist has to communicate something, although in the contemporary world it is already more focused on the client, there are other elements of marketing that are used a lot.

"Art has a more contemporary part that is the client and there is a closer relationship between art and that spectator", this was the criterion of Tania Estrada Jimenez, who also works in the mentioned Studio-Workshop, which is located next to the Plaza del Carmen, in the city of Camaguey.

This program transmitted by Television Camagüey, obtained very good acceptance by the public, who could, through the works of Martha Jimenez, approach the world of creativity.


Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Monday, 12 Nov, 2018