Work of Martha Jimenez integrates collective exhibition in Adelante Newspaper

Camaguey- The renowned artist Martha Jimenez takes part in the collective exhibition "Volver", which celebrates the 13 years of the Gallery Space Nicolás Guillen, located in the headquarters of the Adelante newspaper, in the city of Camaguey.

In addition to the work of Martha, a collography entitled "Caridad del Cobre", this exhibition features the works of Joel Jover and Eduardo Rosales, among other creators of the territory. The opening of this exhibition is also inserted in the actions dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the aforementioned weekly in Camaguey.

"Celebrating the XIII anniversary of an exhibition space such as the Hall Nicolás Guillen of the Adelante is an event that reinforces the vocation of this newspaper in favor of the arts, the physical space of this room would have to grow a lot in order to contain a work by each of the artists who have exhibited here and to those who appreciate its always solicitous collaboration. This occasion is just another reason to retrace steps in a space that radiates hospitality", said Juan Carlos Mejias Ruiz in his words to the Catalog.

Martha Jimenez is a renowned creative of the visual arts, based in Camaguey. Her works can be found in several countries such as Germany, France, Dominican Republic, Canada, Czech Republic, China, France, England and the United States.


Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Thursday, 25 Oct, 2018