Martha Jimenez: present in the celebration of the National Hispanic Heritage Month

New York- Martha Jimenez takes part in the celebration of the National Hispanic Heritage Month, when is showcased the work of several artists. This event offers the perfect opportunity to honor the richness and diversity of Latino and Spanish culture.

It was asked to some artists to name a Hispanic or Latino visual or musical artist who has had a positive influence on their artistic practice and their life, and why. For the exhibition, among other works, was selected the piece Night Breakfast, by Martha Jimenez, a mixed technique on canvas.

“The list can be endless, however, there are voices, such as the Buena Vista Social Club, which for me stand out as revealing, unique and stimulating in the Latin American panorama. I am attracted by their sense of rhythm, freshness, and grace when addressing themes of everyday life. Their strength, musicality, encouragement move me, as does the fact that they are the true ambassadors of the Latin feeling”, said Martha Jimenez.

One of the irrefutable benefits of living in a multicultural society is the constant exposure to an array of global traditions. Currently, 52 million people or 16.7 % of America’s national population is Hispanic and Latino.

Paula Sayago Lundin, María de Echevarría, Fiz Dominguez, Martha Jimenez, Patricia Queiruga, Pablo Serrano, Nora Pineda, and Ignacio Corral, hail from far and wide in the Spanish-speaking world.

Their work is firmly planted in the artistic traditions of their native countries: Chile, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and Cuba. They represent different generations and work in a variety of styles and mediums. But there is also an aesthetic that brings these artists together.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Wednesday, 17 Oct, 2018

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