Art for Dad Fair included presentation of an article about Martha Jimenez's work

Camaguey- In the context of the Art for Dad Fair, the article "Martha Jimenez's Pottery: Repercussion in contemporaneity and the future" was presented in Camaguey, with the authorship of Yaniel Perez Guerra and also with the presence of Isabel Garcia Rosales, director of the Amalia Gallery at the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, among other personalities and officials.

Pérez Guerra currently works at the Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez as a gallerist, curator and specialist in Visual Arts, and his work was published by Pauta Magazine, in Issue 4, Year 3, corresponding to 2017.

The Art for Dad Fair was dedicated this year to the 40th anniversary of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Goods (FCBC) and to the 30th anniversary of the creation in Camagüey of its respective subsidiary. The event is carried out with the coauspice between the Provincial Book Center, the Editorial Ácana, the Seal Collage Ediciones and the subsidiary of the FCBC.

Creators of different manifestations take part in the event; meanwhile, the population has the opportunity to adquire and to learn about offers with an artisanal and distinctive character, prepared for different types of public. The fair includes exhibition and sale of handicrafts and fine arts; in addition, launching of new products.


Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, Subsidiary Camaguey

Published: Friday, 15 Jun, 2018