Program of the Winston Salem State University visited Studio-Workshop of Martha Jimenez

Camaguey- A Program of the Winston Salem State University, led by Global Arts / Media on Afro-Cuba Today, began a tour from Santiago de Cuba on May 27, 2018, and concluded in Havana on June 9. This tour included for the first time the heritage city of Camaguey, visited on the 1st and 2nd of this month.

The academic subject of interest requested by professors and students, from social sciences and humanistic careers, was "The African presence and its descendants in Camaguey". This conference was given by the researcher MSc. Kezia Zabrina Henry Knight, in the Studio-Workshop of the artist Martha Jimenez, located in the emblematic Plaza del Carmen.

The international and multi-awarded artist, hostess of the space, unveiled her vast work, such as the bronze sculptures on a human scale located in the aforementioned square, and above all, the works exhibited in her Studio-Workshop.

The gallerists and researchers MSc. Maidelin Leyva Delgado and Lic. Yaniel Perez Guerra, revealed to the audience some aspects of the artistic codes of the creative. During four hours of cultural and historical exchange, professors and future academics addressed the artist with questions and praises, due to the impact of her work.

It distinguish Martha's Workshop as a space beyond the visual world, this first academic meeting about Afro descendants in Camaguey, developed in Martha's Studio-Workshop, and preceded the day before by the presentation of the Desandann Choir at Casa Madiba.


Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
MSc. Kezia Zabrina Henry Knight
Published: Tuesday, 5 Jun, 2018