Artist Martha Jimenez invited to exhibit in Santiago de Cuba

Camaguey- The personal exhibition "Number of flight", by Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez, was inaugurated at the Rene Valdes Art Gallery, in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The exhibition was opened to the public in context of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of artistic life of the mentioned creative, based in Camaguey.

This exposition "invites us to reach the ideal state of reasoning with the predominance of the oneiric basement. It is a delivery where it is addressed the validity of dreams and institutes them as an effective vehicle towards the goals and the projects. In this way, she transports us to experience a universe invented by the author, not with the aim of changing or disguise reality, but with the intention of externalizing a world that she builds for herself and wishes to share with us", explained in the Words to the Catalog, the gallerist, curator and specialist Yaniel Perez Guerra.

Perez Guerra also says that "the conceptual platform of the proposal of Martha Jimenez establishes a contagious mobile towards perseverance from the chimerical and emotional state. Its thematic value lies in the enunciation of a discourse in the form of a cogwheel, which meshes with the oneiric sense of life, the satirical burlesque and the need for flight
to freedom of thought".

Among the pieces exhibited in the exposition are, Bride, an intervened printing in cardboard; Breakfast at night, a mixed media on canvas; and a work without title, elaborated in glazed ceramics.

Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez, born in 1948, is one of the artists most representative of contemporary Cuban visual arts. She has numerous exhibitions, personal and collectives. She deserved the UNESCO Prize in 1997. This creative works with painting, ceramics, bronze sculpture and engraving. She has works located in public spaces, in Cuba and in Turkey.


Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Monday, 7 May, 2018