Artworks by Martha Jimenez in the PARALLAX 2018 Art Fair

Camaguey- The artist Martha Jimenez Perez was invited to participate with her work at the PARALLAX 2018 Art Fair, which took place recently in London, United Kingdom, from February 2 to 4. In addition, her work is present in the digital catalog of the event, available at http://www.parallaxaf.co/pafcatalogue.html

Martha's pieces include works from her well-known series such as The secret of my goats, Incantations of the fish, Longing, The Circus, Spring, Celestial gossipers, The Journey, Angelfishes, Dreaminess; in addition to the Triptych Advent and other independent pieces.

The techniques used by the creative were, basically, painting, colography, gouache and ink on cardboard, mixed technique on canvas and cardboard, etching; bronze and enameled ceramics, for the sculptures.

Martha Jimenez is one of the most representative artists of the contemporary visual arts in Cuba. She has many personal and collective exhibitions. She has deserved several prizes: from the one of the UNESCO, in 1997; from the UNEAC for the Plaza del Carmen Sculptural Ensemble (Camaguey); from the Second Contemporary Biennial of Teapot Art, in Shanghai (China); the prize for the best monumental sculpture at the 5th International Terracotta Symposium in Eskisehir (Turkey), and the First Prize in the Amelia Pelaez Ceramic Biennial of Installations and Projects, in Havana.

The organizers of the PARALLAX Art Fair, made known via e-mail to Martha the gratitude for her participation in this cultural event; in as much, they expressed the favorable critics that received her works. On the other hand, they invited Jimenez Perez to take part in the next edition of the meeting, to take place from July 20 to 22, 2018.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Tuesday, 9 Feb, 2018