Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez proposes an artistic journey for a heritage city as an attractive city tour

Camaguey- A new creative proposal, of integration of the Visual Arts in the city of Camaguey, is the successful urban tour offered by the Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez, which was presented for the first time during this month of December. The trip was unfolded with tourists, who met from the web about the aforementioned artist and were interested in this cultural event.

Among the places visited was the Plaza del Carmen, where is located the popular sculptural ensemble "The Gossipers"; the Martha Abreu School, with sculptures in the inner courtyard; La Palma Store, on Republica Street, with a ceramic mural in its central hall; the Hotel El Marques, which has sculptures; the Cafe Ciudad, adjacent to the Agramonte Park and which has a sculptural triptych; and the Hotel Santa Maria, with two works, one in its lobby and another in the dome of the building.

Other creations of the artist that are also part of this group are the paintings triptych located in the Santa Cecilia Convention Center, next to the Plaza de la Merced; and the ceramic mural located in the Longitudinal Park of the Central Highway. These works are positioned in different places of the historic center of the city and the tour includes attractive information about the city and the places where can be found the works of Martha Jimenez. You can also get a memory of this event with the catalog "Art in the city".

"The visitors were enthusiastic and motivated by the diversity they found in the artistic work of Jimenez Perez. In addition, in the meeting held with the creative, they expressed great admiration for the sculptures of the Plaza del Carmen and Hotel Santa Maria, for their technical achievements and plastic ingenuity", said the specialist and curator of the Studio-Workshop, Yaniel Perez Guerra.

As part of the city tour, the visitors hold a meeting with the creative. In this first tour the artist was very pleased with the exchange, especially for "the fact that very young people have been interested in this type of proposal, considering the work of Martha Jimenez as very contemporary, and that feeds all ages" , added the specialist.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Studio-Workshop Martha Jimenez
Published: Thursday, 14 Dec, 2016