Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez invited to the collective exhibition "Blessed damned"

Camaguey- With a work from the series "Gossipers", the artist Martha Petrona Jimenez Perez took part in the collective exhibition "Blessed damned", inaugurated on October 20, declared as Cuban Culture Day.

In the context of the Visual Arts Salon "Fidelio Ponce de Leon", the exhibition was open to the public at the Gallery "Jorge Santos Diaz", at the Academy of Arts "Vicentina de la Torre", and was organized by the Provincial Council of the Fine Arts (CPAP).

The work of Jimenez Perez was taken to the bronze in the technique of lost wax, in the prestigious Studio and Bronze Foundry Art and Sculpture Unlimited, in Miami, United States. "Gossipers" is the most recognized series of the aforementioned artist, since it mixes contemporary codes with regional, social and universal manners.

"This brief exhibition, on a date as important as October 20, for our national identity, is a brief exercise of gratitude and homage to those artists who make our city one of the most proud and diverse in Cuba", said in the words to the catalog, Lianny Montalvan Salazar, president of the CPAP.

"Although artists must always know how to wear the halo of a special creature, for times of difficult person, almost inhabitant of another planet, blessed be all them, for the talent and the permanence," said the specialist.

Author: Roger Rodriguez Martin
Source: Provincial Council of the Fine Arts
Published: Saturday, 21 Oct, 2017